On guard of maritime law Brazhnikov & Partners

In the market for the provision of maritime law services, it is very important to trust the professionals.

Not every specialist with education and work experience can represent your interests and rights, especially abroad.

For more than 8 years in the Netherlands, licensed legal services in the field of maritime law have been provided by Brazhnikov & Partners, a private joint stock company with limited liability, which is regulated by the Netherlands Maritime Lawyers Association. The company is headed by an experienced international lawyer Petr Olegovich Brazhnikov, an open, responsible and respected attorney not only in narrow professional circles. The company’s office is located at Westplein 32, 3078 BT Rotterdam, Nederland

Brazhnikov Petr

(born 1977, Astrakhan, RSFSR, USSR) – Russian maritime lawyer, began his career at Astra-Flot, founder and owner of the Dutch company Brazhniov & Partners Ltd.

He specializes in maritime law, foreign legislation and legal support for ship charter transactions, representing the interests of ship owners in arbitration and arbitration courts in the Netherlands. Member of the Royal Netherlands Association of Maritime Lawyers.

The company’s employees are specialists who have not only a higher legal education in the field of maritime law, but also experience in government and law enforcement agencies, and most importantly, efficiency in solving the tasks set by the client, taking into account strict confidentiality in relation to organization, documentation and information.

The company provides highly professional services in the field of maritime law, optimization of corporate taxation, regulation and protection of the interests of shipowners in relation to their property at the national, European and international level. These are registration of ships, management companies, charter services, audit of ships, corporate and personal tax of shipowners, payroll services (for foreign workers on ships), management consulting, representation of legal entities in the ships of the Netherlands, legal examination of contracts based on legislation Netherlands, management of investment projects. The largest department of the firm deals with the establishment and management of shipping companies registered in the Netherlands and other jurisdictions. A team of specialists provides services in English, Russian, Dutch, German and French. Brazhnikov & Partners prides themselves on their competent attorneys, legal and tax advisors, who are distinguished by their dedication and attention to detail. The main goal of the company’s specialists is to build long-term relationships with clients based on trust and honesty.

The firm’s clients are international and multinational ship-owning groups and corporations that rely on the experts of Brazhnikov&Partners, a recognized law firm with an impeccable reputation.

The success of the company, its rapid growth and merits are the result of the professional and competent work of a close-knit team of specialists.

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